Pills n’ Potions/Bye the arcade

Pills n' Potions Bye the arcade


Sweater: Dami Sweater Shirt @Sanarae

Boots: J’s Studded Boots


Ears: Pr!tty Mousey Ears @LostandFound

Choker: Lvl93 ZigZag @Kustom9


Hair: Pr!tty Honoka @LostandFound

Skin: Vco

Lips: Vco

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Bottles, Shelf, Chemistry Bottles, Side Table, Cauldron, Jars, Flowers, Hanging Lamp: Aisling @TheArcade

Oval Frames, Chairs, Tea Table, Tea Set: Cheeky Pea @TheFantasyCollective

Candles, Frames, Pumpkins, Ribbon Wreath, Sign: Cheeky Pea @Uber

Chandelier: Fancy Decor  @ShinyShabby

Bat: Birdy Hocus Pocus@TheArcade

Blood: Drd @TheArcade


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