Let it snow

Let it snow.jpg


Sweater: Zenith @K9

Boots: Zenith @K9


Bag: Zenith @K9

Glasses: Vco Zion @Tannenbaum


Hair: Little Bones Toska @C88

Head: Fiore Updated

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body


Bench, Houses, Wreath, Log Basket, Pouffe: Cheeky Pea @N21

Pillows, Log Pouffe, Side Table: Atomic @TheArcade

Table1, Table2, Popcorn, Hot Drink Tray, Reel Tray, Candles: The Loft @TheArcade

Lighted Branches: RazzBerry @TheArcade

Flower Vases: Plaaka @TheArcade

Dog Box: Omen @TheArcade

Skies, Welcome Sign, Cloth Hanger, Twigs Lamp, Sleigh, Bunting: Kalopsia @LostAndFound

Seat: Ideza @LostAndFound


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